Mr Steve Russell.




Arkade spacewar


If William A Higinbotam made the first " Video game " experiment in 1958 it was up to another man to make the first " reel " videogame. The year was 1962 and the game was Spacewar made by Steve Russell a student at the MIT he created the game on a DEC " PDP-1 " mainframe computer at. DEC donated the computer to the MIT, expecting the research insitute to do something good with it. Spacewar has in many ways lived up to this expectation. The game also becomes the first distributed computer game as it is circulated between computer labs.




This is the typ of mainframe computer DEC " PDP-1 "  thet Steve Russel  used for the Spacewar videogame.




A picture of Mr Russel  playing the Spacewar game in the early -60:s on a PDP-1 computer and alsow a picture from the -90:s.






A closer look at the Spacewar controler. 







This is wat Sapcewars lookt like the DEC " PDP-1 " computer used ASCII textsymbols for graphics. Later in 1971 Computer Space simular to Spacewar is designed by Nolan Bushnell and becomes the first video arcade game ever released.