Mr Nolan Bushnell.

Computer space.

First Arkad game 1971.




In 1971 Mr Nolan Bushnell ( co founder of Atari ) built the very first video arkad game Computer space witch is simular to Spacewar. 1500 games were unsuccessfully distributed by Nutting Associates the Public consensus was that it was too difficult to play. Mr Bushell got the idere for Computer space after playing Spacewar as a student at the University of Utah in the 60:s.




An actual screen shoot of a working Computer space video arkade game.




Three pictures of the single player Computer space arkade from 1971 in three different colorīs.




A closer look at the controlpanel for the single player Computer space .




A look inside Computer space.





wpeF.jpg (37171 byte)

wpeD.jpg (112735 byte)

The original Computer space add flyer from the early 1971.