Gamecards #7 and # 8 .



 These ar two strange versions of the gamecards for Vollyball and Handball #7 and #8 whay did some one make these cards ? and who made them ?    





Blue twin game card of #7 and #8.



 This is the  Blue twin gamecard itīs an hybrid of the Nr:7 and 8 gamecardīs.  Who made it ? Well is says Magnavox on the card ! Whay did they make it ? Maby as a prototype to try and lower production cost of the cardīs ? The card came packt in a small plastic bag together with a 4 page A5 instuction. 3 of these cardīs ar found by collectors so far ( 2 complete with instructions ) so we know itīs not a home made card











 " naked " versions of  #7 and #8


These ar the other strange gamecards ... they were found in an Odyssey system but no one know  where they came from. Like the blue twin card these are also versions of  #7 and #8 maby a connection with the blue card ? or maby they ar home made ? who know ? but both looks professionaly made .......