Odyssey Advertising.

No one know for sure how many pamphletīs Magnavox made to promote the Odyssey in the -70:s but this ar the 3 US versions + a German version known to collectors today.




This is an 1973 Odyssey TV commercial





4 page pamphlet made in 1972 displaying the Odyssey system and the Shooting gallery.

Pamphlet2_1.jpg (82991 byte) Pamphlet2_2.jpg (70422 byte) Pamphlet2_3.jpg (65501 byte) Pamphlet2_4.jpg (76048 byte)




2 page advertising sheet from 1972 displaying only the Odyssey system.

Pamphlet3_1.jpg (101996 byte) Pamphlet_3_2.jpg (83296 byte)




6 page pamphlet made in 1973 displaying the Odyssey system the 6 games of -72 AND the 4 games of -73 + the Carry case , AC adappter , antenna switch and the Shooting galley.




And this is a rare 4 page German pamphlet promoting the ITT Odyssee from 1973.

Odyssey pamphlet 1.jpg (40182 byte) Odyssey pamphlet 3.jpg (70776 byte) Odyssey pamphlet 2.jpg (47234 byte) Odyssey pamphlet 4.jpg (54154 byte)




From the start 1972 The Odyssey also appared in different magazine articles below ar samples of these articles. 






This is a very early article from August 17 1972 about the Odyssey  in the Electronic Design magazine   .  

article.jpg (105167 byte)




And this article is also from August 1972 in Popular Science magazine.  

Popular article.jpg (49380 byte) Popular article b.jpg (45852 byte)




Article from September of 1972 in Popular Mechanics magazine.  

Popular Mechanics.jpg (60550 byte) 1972 Odyssey add.jpg (90200 byte)




Article  in Consumer Reports  magazine from February of 1973.  

Consumer reports magazine.jpg (38897 byte)

Article 1973.jpg (141699 byte)

Article  1972 b.jpg (42788 byte)




And this is from the Mechanix Illustrated magazine in 1975 an article about the new " Video-game phenomenon ".  

Mechanix Ill.jpg (97305 byte)




This is an example of a mordern Odyssey aticle from 2002.

MIT article.jpg (236220 byte)




Magnavox also promoted the Odyssey in different magazine  the first 3 adīs ar from Magnavox own magazineīs.




The  Magnavox Double star savings  magazine from 1972.




This is a special Magnavox Christmas gift catalogue with Odyssey adīs from 1972.




The  Magnavox High Reliability magazine from 1973.




And this is an example of Odyssey advertisement from a 1972-73 magazines ( magazine name unknown ) .  

Odyssey_add.jpg (68090 byte) Odyssey_add_2.jpg (81613 byte)