The Magnavox Odyssey
for the collector.








As a collectors item the Odyssey is truly one of the most interesting items from the 20:th century.
Not only did it start the enormous videogame industry of today, itīs also a very fun and unique system to collect. Whith all the game accessories it looks more like something between a traditional bordgames and videogames. Nobody knows for sure how many system still exist today of the 100000 that was made.
In some collectors circles it is suspected thet atleast 5000 Odyssey:s still exist today
( whit only a small portion still being complete package ).
But still they show up on e-bay for example from time to time.








The Magnavox Odyssey is a land mark in the history of home entertainment and the start of the billion $
videogaming industry of today, therefore people ar always going to find this game interesting.
Because of itīs historik value and also the Odyssey game system consists about 300 accessoris
( very few of the systems on sale ar 100 % complete )
itīs no surprise to see some fully complete Odyssey units in good condition go for up to $350 US.
The average price for an almost complete Odyssey  in fair condition is about $150 on e-bay.
( there is  almost always something missing in the system )
The price vary from under $50 for a system in bad shape up to $400 for rare systems in good shape
and even more for the rarest versions.
E-bay is the best place to go if you are looking for an Odyssey system
there is always 1 or 2 system on auction every month in different shapes and prices.
If you are lucky you can get a complete system in good shape for almost nothing,
but other days thet same system can sell for a very high price it all depends on the demand.

A rarer version of the Odyssey is obviously more expensive then the standard US system.
The Odyssey with the Magnavox silver logo on the woodgrain is rarer then the usual US system
and therefore collectors pay more for that one.
The Export version of the Odyssey from 1974 is a very rare system and the special Export system
sold in Germany is an even rarer and it is very hard to find that system.
But the German ITT "Odyssee" is so far the rarest of the   versions "found" and the most difficult system to find.