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This is the Export Odyssey sold in Germany.









The system Odyssey exported to Germany in 1974 is a bit of a mystery
firt of all WAY did
Magnavox release this export system in Germany when ITT already had ther own version
the " Odyssee " on the
German market?
And how come that
Magnavox included the same unik German manual´s that ITT made for their system?
No one know´s why there where two competing
Odyssey system´s release´d in Germany in 1974.
My personal guess is that
ITT never did released more then a " test " run with a very limit number´s of consolls
and that
Magnavox had to manage the real Odyssey release themselves
and that they "
Inherit " the two manual´s from ITT. 
No one know´s how many system´s
Magnavox exported to Germany
but this version is much rarer then the usual export system.
Tw complete systems ar known to exist at the present time.




Here´s a picture of Magnavox own version of the German Odyssey in mint condition.




This is the game box and the container box made for the German export system. The container box got the Odyssey´s export name " YE7100 " written on it ! The game box is same as for all other export systems and compared to the US box it got the Soocer  game on it !!




When Magnavox sold the Odyssey in Europe they modifyed the antenna connection to suit the Europen 75Ohm antenna standard.




German_receipt.jpg (49982 byte)

This is an actually sale receipt from one of the two complete German Export system´s known today
and is shows that this
Odyssey was sold 29/7 1975 in Stuttgart.