Components of German export Odyssey.


This list contains all of the original components that where shipped with the German export Odyssey when you purchased it in 1975.


Odyssey console
Two plug-in controllers 
Six Magnavox C-cell batteries
Adhesive tape roll (
to stick the overlays on the screen )
Five Plug-In game cartridges # 1,2,3,5,7
Antenna game switch (
+2 hanging hooks and box )
12 foot game cord 
Two German instruction manuals (
one for the system and one for the games )
Nine 18" TV overlays 
Nine 23" TV overlays 
Stadium scoreboard 
Wipe out gameboard
4 Car tokens
Pitstop deck 25 cards (
written in tree languages )
28 Simon says cards (
written in tree languages )
48 plastic chips (
blue white and red )