Europe´s first videogame system the  German " Odyssee ".




The Odyssey sold by ITT in Germany in 1973 is the very first home videogame system ever release´d in Europe
and it is with no doubt the rarest version of the Odyssey release that has found.
In Germany ITT who manage the release of the Odyssey made everything "
German "
they made two unik manual´s (
one for the system and one for the games ) written in german.
The play cards for Simon says and Wipeout also had german text
the usual export cards where written in three different language:s. )
The consoll itself where named "
Odyssee " even the game box had the " Odyssee " name written on it
and look´t very different from the usual Us game box.
No one know´s for sure how many system´s ITT actualy sold in Germany because strangely enough Magnavox
also release´d a version of the export Odyssey in Germany at the same time......WHY?
Well no one know´s for sure, mabye the ITT Odyssee weren´t more then a prototype system sold in very limited number´s. Only two Odyssee system ar known to exist at the present time.




Here´s a picture of Europe´s first home videogame system the " Odyssee " in mint condition.




The unike logo of the ITT Odyssee which unlike the US version have  the  " e " at the end of the consoll name !!




Odyssey pamphlet 1.jpg (40182 byte) Odyssey pamphlet 2.jpg (47234 byte)

This is a rare 4 page German pamphlet promoting the ITT Odyssee 

Odyssey pamphlet 3.jpg (70776 byte) Odyssey pamphlet 4.jpg (54154 byte)

ITT also made a German service manual for the Odyssee in 1973 se thet one here




The German " Odyssee " had the same english text at the controll´s as all the other Odyssey consoll´s
so ITT made a plastik overlay with German text for the Odyssee.







This is the game box and container box made for the German ITT " Odyssee " system.




The sticker to the left  is found on the container box ( one on each side ) and the sticker to the right is the serial nr: sticker found under the consoll.




The German controler with  " BALL " and  " START "  written on the woodgrain.

The normal US controler with  " ENGLISH "  and  " RESET "  On the woodgrain.