Classic videogame websites.


Here are some great liks to the best classic videogame websites i´w found so far !

Veiw the HISTORY CHANNEL video of the Odyssey system

THE best plase to go if you ar looking to buy old videogames ! The world´s largest online auction website.

Big online store for old videogames of all cinds.

The best online sours for vintage videogame information !!

Ar you Interested in the Odyssey 3 ? Then this is the plase to go ! A great videogame website by Deiter Koenig !!

Another great site with lots and lots of pictures and information about the games of the -70:s

A great German site with lots of old videogames

A nice site from Amsterdam with 10000's of retro/old computergames,

A great site with lots of info aboute old videogames