Original manual of the Odyssey.

Ther were 2 different versions made of the US manual
one with red screens and one with pink screens they were both in
36 pages.
export manual were made in 2 different versions one looking similar to the US manual
but in 24 pages and two different games on the cover.All included illustrations very much like a photo books as well as instructions on how it works.
For the
Odyssey sold in Germany ITT made a dual manual completely translated in german
one for the system and one for the games.



Us manual with red screens.

Us manual with pink screens.

The standard export manual.

Manual_red.jpg (37729 byte) Manual_pink.jpg (62077 byte)



The Manual for the Odyssey sold in Mexico the " Odisea "





The "German" Manual´s exist in two different versions.
One with the
ITT logo made for the ITT "Odyssee".
And one without the logo made for the usual export Odyssey sold in Germany.

Odyssee_system_manual.jpg (55170 byte) Odyssee_game_manual.jpg (43797 byte) German_export_manual.jpg (59700 byte) German_manual_2.jpg (45721 byte)



This is the manual for the Spanish clone " Overkall "





The manual for the Argentin clone " Telematch de panoramic "




4 page manual for the " blue " 7 , 8 twin game card





This is the US Shooting gallery manual.

Shooting 1.JPG (120415 byte) Shooting 2.JPG (82088 byte) Shooting 3.JPG (93754 byte) Shooting 4.JPG (117197 byte)



This is a rare 6 page German manual for the Shooting gallery.

German shooting 1.JPG (97592 byte) German shooting 2.JPG (62771 byte) German shooting 3.JPG (72802 byte)
German shooting 4.JPG (79001 byte) German shooting 5.JPG (98161 byte) German shooting 6.JPG (92810 byte)




The Odyssey´s service manual exist in both English and German .
2 different versions of the US manual ar known today the first from -74 covering only the 1TL200 and a second issue from -75 covering both the 1TL200 and the BK12. Around 10 of these manual´s are known to exist today. 

First issue from 1974.

Second issue from 1975. 





Service 1974.jpg (77006 byte) Service 1974 b.jpg (41823 byte) Service 1975.jpg (77370 byte) Service 1975 b.jpg (68073 byte)



This is the rare German service manual made by ITT in 1973.

ITT service.JPG (88393 byte)  



This is the rare´s maual of them all the " Test " manual in made by magnavox in 1971 befor the intruduction of the Odyssey for testing the systems when they were under development.

Test manual.JPG (47380 byte)