The history of the Odyssey.


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Mr Ralph H Baer the Father of videogames.





The Magnavox Odyssey and the whole idea of playing a video game on a television set whas invented by a man named Ralph H Baer. Mr Baer first thought of the idea of building an " interactive game " displayed on a TV in 1951 when he worked with designing and building television sets at Loral Electronics, but no one at Loral showed any interest in the idea and so, Mr Bear put the idea to rest for 15 years.Then in 1966 working as chief engineer for equipment design at Sanders Associates ( a military electronics company ) he wrote a 12-page paper that explaind his idea aboute a videogame and this time mr Baer pursued the idea more fully. In the next couple of years mr bear together with Bill Rush ( Engineer at Sanders ) and Bill Harrison ( Technician at Sanders ) built about three or four different prototype boxes and in November 1967 they puth the " brown box " prototype on demonstration. On January 15th 1968 the first patent on the videogame concepts where filed by mr Baer. In 1969 demonstrations were heald to the major TV-Set manufacturers RCA , General Electric , Zenith Sylvania , Magnavox and Warwick -Sears on March 3rd license agreement whas signed with Magnavox in Fr.Waye. Then on January 27th 1972 the vidogameindustry whas born. On that date Magnavox begun the production of the Odyssey ITL 200 and it was avible for sale in May that same year.We can only imagine what the phone answering service must have been like in those times, as the system sold approximately 100,000 units for $99 of which about 80,000 were sold in 1972 and the balance in 1973-74.




Mr Bill Rush and Mr Bill Harrison




R_Bear..jpg (20047 byte)

Mr Ralph H Baer the " father of videogames " playing with the original " brown box " video game which he built in 1966. Itīs the prototype for the Magnavox Odyssey 1TL200. 




That was a short version of the videogame history if you wish to know more then please visit the home page of Mr Baer himself