Odyssey clone nr:2

( Overkall )




This is the Odyssey clone made in Spain caled " Overkal ". As you can see from the pictures this clone is very different from the standard Odyssey for example it use´s 6 puch-buttons instead of the game cards and the controllers are hard wired. Only 4 system´s has yet been found by collectors 2 mib , one near complete and one loose.





The Ovekal system.





The Ovekal system its gembox and accessories.






The Ovekal ´s accessories are al in Spanich.







For mor on the Overkal manual folow this link






The Overkal serial number






The Overkal controller with Spanich text.





The Overkal antenna swich to the left and the standard US swich to the right.





A closer look at the differens between the standard Odyssey pcb and the " clond " pcb.