Early videogame prototypes.





Before designing the famous Odyssey prototype, the "Brown box", Mr Baer and and his team of engineers, each sitting at a different height adjustable desk to work long hours on the project, tried different ideas on the videogame concept which are now played, not on desks at a computer but usually in front of a TV. Below is a picture of a vacuum tube circuitry and that's the very first demo device that they made to prove that it
was possible to move a couple of spots around on a TV screen! Further down, is a picture of the first real game box which played chase games and pumping games (note the wooden handle) a target game with a photosensitive gun etc... and so, there you have it, t
hat is the world's first real video game system



VT  TVG Chassis '66 (HiRes).jpg (23551 byte)

The  vacuum tube circuitry from 1967.



_pump_ chassis.jpg (46495 byte)

Light gun.jpg (16410 byte)

And this is the worldīs first reel videogame system Mr Baerīs pumping game from 1968 with the photosensitive gun.



Brown Box  w_gun(HiRes).jpg (37108 byte) Brown_box_gun.jpg (8101 byte) Brown_box_controler.jpg (9496 byte)
Brown_box_1.jpg (28517 byte) Brown Box  wgun(HiRes).jpg (24011 byte) Brown_box_2.jpg (25986 byte)

And last this is the famous " Brown box " complete with the light gun its the prototype for the Odyssey 1TL200 it whas built by Ralph Baer and hes team of engineres in 1969.  




Pictures of the prototypes made available by Mr Ralph Baer.