Rare items.

Because the Odyssey system had so many accessories in the original packing, there are very hard
to find a complete system and for obvious reason´s some items are more hard to find then other´s.
The Swedish Odyssey clone Kanal 34 and
gamecard nr:11 ar to this day not yet found by collectors !!
But of the found Odyssey items perhaps the
Blue twin gamecard is the most hard to find Odyssey item or maby it´s the nr:12 game card......
All three type´s of original battries are also hard to find
( old use´d batteries is throw´n away ).





 Gamecard´s nr: 11 and 12.

Game cart nr:1 to 6 is pact together with the Odyssey nr:7 is pact with the Vollyball game and nr:8 with Handball. Game cart nr:9 and 10 ar made for the Shooting gallery and nr:12 is pact with interplanetary voyage. Notis something ? What about game cart nr:11 ??? Well this is the big Odyssey mystery no one seems to know what happend with nr:11 or what game it whas made for. We do know thet Magnavox made this game cart because it is listed in the service manual. And of course if ther is a nr:10 and a nr:12 then it ougth to be a nr:11 to right? Maby some day an unknown Odyssey game containing the nr:11 game cart will turn up but until then the nr: 12 cart is the rarest of the original card´s only two ar known by collectors today.





4 games of 1973.

Al in al Magnavox made 10 ad on games for the Odyssey 6 in 1972 and 4 more in 1973. The -72 games ar not to hard to find but the last 4 made in -73 ar very very hard to find. As of now only 4 set´s ( 12 games ) ar known to collectors.





Perceps game box.

When you returnd the consumer registation card after you got an Odyssey system in -72 you got the Percepts game in the mail as a bonus from Magnavox. The game came in this container box and very few of these boxes have survived to this day mostly because the owners put the game to the big Odyssey game box and throw this shipping box away. Two ar known by collectors today.





ITT shipping container box.

The container box for the ITT Odyssee was the same as the US version but with the ITT logo glued to both sides of the box. As  far as i know only 3 ITT container boxes ar known to exist to date and only one of them still got the ITT logo intackt the other 2 looks black because of the glue.





The adhesive tape-roll.

 This is the rarest of all the original components the adhesive tape-roll where used to tape the game overlays to the tv screen.
This is a very rare Odyssey item that is very hard to find because even if people didn´t play with their
they used the tape for other things in their everyday life.





The different types of original batteries.




This ar the three type´s of  batteries that came  included in the original packing when the Odyssey sold in 1972-74. How did some batterys survive 28 year´s ? Perhaps some of the Odyssey owner´s got tired of their system´s quickly
and store´d it away and save´d the batterys
( which still had power then )
and they never got arount to play with it again.
The batterys are rare item´s but still they some time show up included in
Odyssey system´s on auction´s. 





  Consumer Registration card



The consumer registration card is also hard to find for an obvious reason ( most owner´s  registrate´d their odyssey ).





Odyssey advertising.

Odyssey advertising is quite rare to find today and no one knows for sure how many different magazines ad´s / pamplets Magnavox made in the early -70:s to promote the Odyssey. Today three different Odyssey pamplets , 3 different Magnavox catalogues with Odyssey ad´s and two different Magazine ad´s ar known to exist.