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Shooting Gallery







A few accessories were sold by Magnavox alongside the system. It wasn't much, but the "Shooting Gallery" for example, amongst others were spectacular. They were also sold in Germany from 1973-1974.







The box consisted of one rifle, made with quality materials which looked like tungsten carbide and two additional cartridges,
( #9 and #10) 4 more screen overlays in two sizes, 18 and 23 inch game instructions and a key punch inspection card. You could play 4 additional games, Shootout, Dogfigth & Prehistoric Safari with cartridge #9 and the Shooting Gallery game with cartridge #10. About 20000 rifles were sold in 1972. Many Odyssey owners believed that you had to have a Magnavox Tv set to get the rifle to work because of a rumor. ( if it was Magnavox who spread this rumor to sell more Tv sets, that is still the question ) However, it certainly scared away many customers. As a result, the Shooting Gallery unit is harder to find then the Odyssey system.










Click here to se the US and the German shooting gallery manual.