The export versions of the Odyssey.



This is the Export version of the Odyssey from 1974 and from this serial nr:
sticker that Magnavox attached to this version we know in which countrys the Odyssey had patent protection.
If Magnavox really did release the Odysseys in all of these countrys, well nobody really knows.
but the Export Odyssey has been  found in France , England and Germany.
In Germany both the usual export Odyssey and a special ITT version of the game where sold.
The game cards for the Export Odyssey ar written in tree languages English, German and Spanish
and the system contains not so many games and accessories as the standard US version.
The games Cat and mouse , Hounted house , Roulette and States was replaced whith
Wipeout and Volleyball and Football were replaced whith a Europen Soccer game.
This version of the Odyssey is much rarer then the US Odyssey to date 10 Export Odyssey´s ar known to exist.
The system is easy to recognize, just look at the outer box, you´will there see pictures of the extra games
Wipeout and Vollyball.






A picture of a export Odyssey system with all of the standard accessories



This is the game box for the export Odyssey the box is a little different compared to the US game box not as many pictures ect ect .......