Components of the export Odyssey.

This list contains all of the original components that where shiped with the export system when you purchased it in 1974.




Odyssey console
Two plug-in controllers 
Six Magnavox C-cell batteries
Adhesive tape roll (
to stick the overlays on the screen )
Five Plug-In game cartridges # 1,2,3,5,7
Antenna game switch (
+2 hanging hooks and box )
12 foot game cord 
instruction manual (
24 pages )
Nine 18" TV overlays 
Nine 23" TV overlays 
Stadium scoreboard 
Wipe out gameboard
4 Car tokens
Pitstop deck 25 cards (
written in tree languages )
28 Simon says cards (
written in tree languages )
Two dice    
48 plastic chips (
blue white and red )