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Games packed with the Magnavox system

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Nobody knows for sure how many games Magnavox made for the Odyssey but 28 different game cartridges are known to exist today.12 games was shipped with the system ( 10 with the export version ) an additional 6 was released in 1972 and at least 4 more in 1973 in addition, 4 games were made for the shooting gallery. Owners could also get a free game ( Percepts ) if they registered the purchase and mailed the " free bonus game " coupon to Magnavox. Also, they made it inexpensive, where equipment financing wasn't needed. The last game is the European soccer game that replaced the football game in the export Odyssey´s.
Some collectors belive that at least 5 games are still not yet found ( just speculations ).




This are the 12 original games that was shiped with the Odyssey system when you purchased it in 1972.The games were Table tennis , Simon says , Submarine , Analogic , Haunted house , Roulette , States , Ski , Football , Cat and mouse , Hockey and Tennis.