" Parallell " import Odyssey.


Perallell import videogames is not a new idere because even the Odyssey was subjected to this type of distribution !! As far as i know the only parallell import Odyssey sold in Europe was the system sold in the UK by a company calld WENDAFORD Limited. 



UK errata sheet.jpg (70660 byte)



When Wendaford sold ther " parallell " import Odyssye in the UK they made a few modifikations to the system. They added a 75 Ohm conection to the antenna cord to fit the Europen tv standard ( and becaus of thet they didnt sell the antenna switch ) they also removed the channal ( 3-4 ) swith inside the system.   




UK guarantee 1.jpg (35809 byte) UK guarantee 2.jpg (26816 byte)

Wendaford also remowed all of the coupon from the system ( free bonus game coupon  ect  ect.... ) and because the system whas sold by Wendaford they also had the warranty for it so they replased the Magnavox warranty card with one of ther own .




UK manual 1.jpg (43179 byte) UK manual 2.jpg (40991 byte)

Someone ( the  Wendaford company ??? ) has cross´d ower the parts in the system manual  not relevant for this " parralell " import system.