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Standard US System

1TL 200

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The Odyssey is a pure anaolg game system designed with only 40 transistors and 40 diodes ( no microchips at all )
It´s an incredible simple videogame by today´s standards the grafik consist of only 3 moving objects
( two players + a ball ) and the center line. The system cant keep any scores and ther is no sound.
The grafiks is in black and white and to compensate for the simple grafik  Magnavox designd coloured plastick overlays
( and all kinds of game accessoryes for the games ) to make them more interesting.
The total number of
Odyssey:s manufactured by Magnavox in 1972 was approximately
100,000 units of which about 80,000 were sold in 1972 and the rest in 1973 - 1974..




Here´s a picture of a standard Odyssey system sold in the US in mint condition with all of the standard accessories plus some extra accessories like the AC adaptor and the Percepts game.  




A closer look at the Odyssey´s  pcb board. 




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This is an actually sale receipt from a US sold Odyssey and it shows that this Odyssey was sold 21/2 1975 in Pittsburgn Pensylvania for $79.




A picture of the US game box and the "container box" ( used when the game whas shipped by mail ).