Different variationīs.



The Odyssey got a numbre of different versions of the system , accessoryes , manuals ect but most mysterious of these ar the versions of gamecards #7 and #8

#7 and #8





Six major versionīs are known to exist of the Odyssey system the standard US system,
standard Export system a special version of the Export system sold in Germany and the rare
European relaese made by ITT, + 2 clones of the Odyssey made in the midd -70:s one from Sweden ( not yet fond ) callīd Kanal 34 and one from Spain ( found in 3 ex ) callīd Overkal.
Below are scans of the tree different typeīs of game cards for Simon says and Wipeout made for each of the systems.
From left to right are the
US cardīs with english text , the export cardīs with three different language:s English, German and Spanish and last the rare German cardīs made for the ITT system.





The Odyssey exists in two different colorīs the standard white and very few in a yellow color.  




Magnavox also made an Odyssey version with the company logo on the front woodgrain




Sometime in -73 -74 a UK company callīd WENDAFORD Limited  perallell imported the Odyssey to the United kingdom. As far as i know this is the only parallell imported Odyssey ever sold in Europe! 




The " Wonder wizard " is a system made by General Home Products in 1976 and itīs a verry strange mix of Magnavox systems!! 




Somes of the accessories for the Odyssey exist in more then one version
and below are the known variations listed .




4 different versionīs of the container box is known to exist.
brown and the white ar from the US. A test container with TEST printed on the front and the black is from the German "Odyssee" this container hade the ITT logo glued to the front the black is from the glue.




Two different versionīs of the lower part of the sytrofoam for the Odyssey also exist.
See the diffrens from the pictures.




This ar the two known versionīs of the Odyssey game cardīs.
lighter version is slightly rareīr then the dark version.



The game switch exist in 3 different versionīs the one on the right is the standard US version and on the left is the one modifyīd for export and a spanich version made for the Overkal clone. The US and the export version of the game switch also exist in both a brown and a silver color.




 When Magnavox sold the Odyssey in 1972-74 they included 6 batteries in the packing.
This are the three known types of original batteries. 




 3 differnt verions of the Scoreboard exists the standard US to the left , the export verion to the right and the Spanish Overkal version in the middle. 




Magnavox also made two different versions of the game accessorie stickers.
One with the ordinary Cat&Mouse stickerīs and one with
" bonus " stickerīs for  Ski  and  States .



For the Spanis Overkal clone special play money were made  .





The poker-chips existīs in 2 different thickness in the picture above both rollīs have 50 chips but one  is 10mm longer.
The chips also existīs in
three different styleīs in the picture below you can see the differens.



The 2 different chipp versions made for the Odyssey. 



The chipps made for the Spanis Overkal clone.



Click here to see the different versions of the system manual.